Linux USB Creator Released!


It’s here! Linux USB Creator for Mac has finally been released! This is the easiest way to create a live linux USB on a mac.

OSX Lion (10.7) and higher: Download

OSX Snow Leopard (10.6) users: Download

Instructions / Screenshots

First just select the linux distribution you want to use. You can either select from the list or browse for a Local ISO file to use.
Select Distro

After selecting your chosen distribution you can browse for a USB device.

The program will then download the ISO, Format the disk, Copy the ISO and Install the Bootloader.

Your USB Drive is now ready to use. Simply boot up your mac while holding the “alt” key and select the drive.

System Requirements

*64 bit CPU

*512MB RAM

*Flash Drive (Big Enough to Fit ISO)

Please Donate if this program helped you!

14 thoughts on “Linux USB Creator Released!

  1. Doesn’t work for me on Lion for local & downloaded ISOs:
    – FATAL ERROR copying ISO! could not process the file […] try to manually copy boot.iso

    Two small things to improve:
    – You cannot quickly select the image file using your keyboard in the select image file dialog
    – When the filesystem is not writeable it raises an exception in a dialog box instead of a meaningful message.

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  3. Penguintosh finally got my Macbook Air to launch an Ubuntu USB stick! But when I try to run the installer from the live desktop, it hangs — I get the spinning icon and nothing else. Any ideas? Can I get Ubuntu to go directly to installation rather than launching the desktop?

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